Rihanna and Drake proof Showbiz Sex is big Money with Z List class.

Since we read less magazines and less newspapers, your average global mega Pop star is fighting a battle with this minutes Reality face for that front page picture. Damm Taylor and The Kardashians currently employ at least 25% of the World’s PR’s, keeping their Bums, Face lifts and Break ups on heavy Rotation for The Mail on Line. Even the Royal Carter (aka Beyonce) doesn’t think twice about dragging her Ivy down a Red Carpet with all smiles and no interviews (Ha it’s not like we’re going to ask her anything controversial like “Who’s Becky” “About The Lift” and do you really think “Kim did well in that Ray J film”)..but back to the point of the headline…SHOWBIZ sex is a financial winner … Rihanna and Drake a match made in RnB PR Orgastic heaven. It’s like Beauty and The Best, with their every move available for us to stare, comment and think “Yeah poor Chris Brown he messed up” ….for Rihanna it’s keeping her talked about and Itunes downloads busy (Pause for the financial figures FACT: Sales of both artistes have sky rocketed, since their fake MTV kiss)..so forget about all those Webinairs and Motivational sales talks and courses, go sleep with a A list Celeb and watch the dollars flow, oh yeah you do need to be a a Alist Celeb as well. But what about Mr Drizzy, like one of those dogs you see in a dog rescue Home lapping up the attention of even a opening door…. somebody should tell him cats have no loyalty, I could have sworn Plan A was RiRi and Decaprio, clearly Decaps PR team Billing planet Ri too high. But here’s a tip for all these Celebs, save us all the tease and cut to the tape…..yes Rihanna and Drake stuff the foreplay just get on and make a sex tape, that’s the way to really be right up there front page with somebody who came 4th in Big Brother 2013!!!!!!!!


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