Rihanna and Drake serious or just a headline grabbing moment like Taylor Swift’s lovelife

Rihanna and …Chris Brown no Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio no..3rd time lucky of course Rihanna and Drake….3 short leg opening moves..ok that’s a joke …nothing wrong with some RiRi banter….but where is the true love and where is the hype…Leo I actually reckon was the real deal, but then I guess they both woke up and thought..jeez complicated and then some….with Breezy you can go check wikipedia for the history and facts on that one, but lets move to Drake…carefully mapped out to fit the schedules of tours and new releases and to keep the team of pr’s busy with their respective invoices to Camp Drizzy and camp Bad Gurl. Like Taylor there just happens to be camera’s and the like when they just happen to arrive at the club at the same time. The way it’s going, they’ll draft in Kevin Hart to marry them and stream it on Facebook Live…but here’s where you get to put the money where the hype is, who will last longer Rihanna and Drake or Taylor and that guy who isn’t as good as Idris to be the next Bond…..my money is on!!!!!


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