5 year old makes Rihanna Star Trek Sledgehammer Trailer #Sledgehammer

Here’s a test try watching the new Star trek trailer that Rihanna sings the soundtrack to with the volume down….not because I dislike Rihanna but because it’s like they’ve got a case of last minute desperation to make everything work, and it leaves you with nothing. Ok for the diehard Star Trek fans they’ve already run out of tissues mopping up the non stop orgasmic reactions, but for me it’s just trying to hard. I mean Rihanna is a huge talent…there’s nothing to sell just let her sing her pop sound…. this big cinematic trailer with every sound fx possible, it’s like a 5 year old has been let loose on the Music/Film/Sound equivalent of Instagram Filters and put everything into the mix…having said that..the film will still be a HIT! and oh yeah I’m no trekkie …also why is Rihanna singing a what is also a bit of a Rita Ora reject song, isn’t it normally the other way around.


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