Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Dance at Selena Gomez concert Nashville, TN

Hooked and addicted to Gossip, ha I hear that a lot…but that’s the truth for me…I need to know what where and when..but some may turn their nose up and think surely as a grown man you should be more interested in Trump, The EU and American Gun policy…well that’s true….but right now if you have 2minutes to share a clip with somebody you’ve never met, don’t know their politics or religion, what’s the safest way guaranteed to get a reaction and a discussion on safe ground going…my money’s on this clip of Music’s Prom Queen Taylor Swift and her latest capture Tom Hiddleston dancing as if they’ve on ecstasy in a 90’s rave….even the snobbiest towards pop culture attitude has to think #WTF are these all about.


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