Cheerio Challenge compilation #CheerioChallenge #Cheerio #Cheerios

I’m not an expert on PR or Marketing, I just know they earn bundles of Dollars and have expense accounts to infinity (can we have those in TV please!!!) But it’s weird when those who are meant to shape create and lead in what we see and hear in the ads and on Billboards are catching their breath behind last weeks Meme…… Put is this way if anyone reading this has a contact who looks after the PR or Marketing for Cheerios, send me a screenshot of their Instagram last week….100% there is no hashtag #CheerioChallenge…… WHY””””???? actually I don’t know, I just find it weird…how a Internet meme that”s been around longtime..finally reached the Cheerio’s Social Media/Marketing and PR’s peops around 3.35pm Thursday afternoon…..and I thought it was just CNN that follows not leads Twitter/Instagram/Facebook…..


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