When Marketing Advertising and PR’s miss an Open Goal….Euro 2016…The Fans

Add to that list BT Sport and other TV Shows covering the football….As a Host who has never admittedly presented a Football show, I’ll also a contribute another point…what about The Fans.. (I do have a further point why is their no female football pundits but i’ll save that). Oh yeah they are getting full on ‘Breaking News’ and Front cover screaming headlines ‘Thugs, Hooligans and Ultra’s’….BUT believe it or not 99.9999% to infinity are there having a right old Euro party, but guess that doesn’t interest Nike, Coca Cola or BT Sport..all they want is Rooney This and Ronaldo (finish the line for me…), and the ex pro who has the inside line (ha ha we’ve all got a Premiership baller whom we can call on what’s app and gossip)….well here’s a tip for all of you who are #TeamMarketing, #TeamAdvertising and #TeamPR there are chants and songs that have become the unofficial anthem’s for some of the fans, a clever team would be creating something even before you’ve finished reading this..’Please Don’t Take Me Home’ … and ‘Will Griggs is on Fire’ ….yep I doubt it’s something hot on your itunes playlist, but there again something popular and catchy is never so obvious is it….anyway just so the lads have some history timestamp I made the below #youarelatetotheparty.


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