When a Pop Star Dies – Christina Grimmie

Social Media really does bring us closer, I always like to know what a Hashtag that’s trending on Twitter is about. So naturally when #RIPChristina was trending I checked who and got to know. It’s a little scary as there are now so many reality music shows, we can’t always get to know everybody who’s been or done well on one. But add to that what do the contestants do after the phone line votes have stopped, and TV pr has moved on to the next hopeful. Simple you carry on gigging, writing and building your fan base. This is exactly the route Christina Grimmie was taking and very successful it was. It’s difficult to make any kind of tribute that sounds sincere or reflect how her fans are feeling, but for those like me who learnt about her through a trending hashtag, but straight away can see what it was all about. Here is just a few clips of the girl who like many singers out there really went for her dream and actually was climbing the ladder very confidently to the top …..Christina Grimmie


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