Taylor Swift Calvin Harris split …aka The rest of the world needs Hollywoods non stop News Channel

I sound like a download on Spotify buffering, but again I want to start a rolling entertainment news channel. For us entertainment news junkies scrolling through the Taylor and Calvin Hashtags right now is not enough, ok in Hollywood your hear everything 1st before it’s even happened . But all joking apart We need live cameras outside the Swift home, a few shrinks and agony aunts telling us why what and how it went wrong…..the full ring round of other celebs how are they feeling…. we need to hear from that John guitar singer guy, that Jonas lad who beat Zayn to the (sorry that’s rude but you know what I was thinking)…lets hear from Rita …. I know it’s not exactly CNN!!!!!..so back in the real world (are cnn ever in the real world)…so much for the digital revolution thousands of channels and none doing rolling entertainment….””””””””” Meanwhile lets monitor Katy Perry’s social media output…us Entertainment News junkies are in need of a constant fix.


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