Tyga gives TV Producer Orgasrealism

Tyga right now is a reality show producers wet dream, if you have a cheque book ready to pay to sign a reality show don’t even wait for the day to finish. As a TV host I’ll even present the script for you.
“On todays show we meet a Rapper who has a ex Girlfriend who he had Underage sex with and who has a porn star sister, the rapper has a Baby mother who is sleeping with a sock Millionaire, who was banned from his sisters wedding for being overweight, and oh yeah the Baby mother is now pregnant by the Sock man who incidentally is the rappers Ex Girlfriend’s brother, And the rapper is currently on tour in Cannes with his best mate Pop star Chris Brown who attacked Rihanna, And the rapper has a new girl friend, who used to Escort a Hugh Heffner wannabee”


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