Question One – Why is Brooklyn Beckham being PR’D 24/7

Lets move to one of my fave areas, Game Show Time. I’ll play the role of me as Host and you can be the contestant going for the jackpot.

Question 1 Why is Brooklyn Beckham everywhere….. get the answer right and you can win a headline in the dailymail online ..I hear you think because Victoria is paying a PR, ok lets move on Question 2, what does Brooklyn Beckham want to do or major in…stop shouting ‘Be Famous”…okay some lines for me as your host to speak “You’re saying be famous, but how would you like to double your prize, and win a chance to be in a Billboard campaign on Times Square…here’s your question…. “How come Chloë Grace Moretz for the first time allows a picture of her and BB together, to be taken on the Red carpet of her new film Neighbors, do you think it’s A for PR or B for Love”…..while you make up your mind for your answer, here’s some film from the Premiere with Seth and Jonah


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