Did Justin Timberlake make Eurovision cred, or did Eurovision help Justin Timberlake ????

For some Eurovision is a shut the world down apart from Twitter and TV, as they binge their Eyes on the cheesiest music Europe can produce, as if a confetti Bomb on steroids has turned into a TV producer and been given a Hollywood budget…and mixed in all the country vs country politics available… but the show gets huge ratings..even Australia for one night has moved it’s geographical position to be part of the party (wonder how the Aussies would vote in the UK, EU Referendum)… but for us Entertainment News Junkies all we are talking about is the fact, Mr Sexy Back performed live…yes the Don of the Pop world has blessed Eurovision….all the cynics are thinking Why or in modern talk #WTF??? Maths is not my best subject, but if you take over 100Million Viewers and you have 1 new single to promote and maybe some back catalogue via itunes, I think the sum equals… “G6 For Timberlake to Sweden Please”


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