When Celebs Turn Racist as Azealia Banks attacks Zayn Malik and a 14 year old Disney Star.

“Attention” it’s the crack cocaine addiction for so many people in the public eye, if they have a day being ignored, that = disaster. For Kim it’s blowing, porno’s, stripping (juts joking but you know what I mean), even Beyonce is playing the ‘Please Gossip about me’ game…but what happens if you are a 1 hit wonder with a few trolls ready to suck up to your every tweet….yes you have to push offend and make Trump look like Disney when it comes to being unfiltered. For a while Azealia Banks has been a self written joke of somebody attempting to comment and get a rise and a follow on Twitter. But golden rule of today’s entertainment world, you can say what you like about Gaga, Rihanna their fans will just ignore you…but even emoji wink at a Directioner you are asking for a Block, and then add in Racism and follow up with a attack on a 14 year Old Disney star. ….the question is how come Twitter still has said or done nothing, or are Celebs now allowed to be Racist Trolls?


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