Somebody help me start a Rolling News Entertainment Channel aka do CNN hate Entertainment?

It’s a simple ASK? we have rolling Sport and rolling News..but how come Entertainment is relegated to a little hit in the mornings something glossy early evening and a a late night Joke …..and not a lot in between. We don’t even have a daily panel evening show to bitch and gossip over the days Entertainment news…all us Entertainment News Junkies have got is #Hashtags on Social media… today is the perfect example of the void..Day 1 at the Cannes Film Festival…so much Hollywood relocated in France it’s giving the Mail on Line a Entertaingasm…and us Vloggers right now can break a celebrity Hashtag almost instantly on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram but we want more!!!! …today I was spoilt between Justin Trollin and countless celebs with no Camera to appear in making their appearances… us Entertainment News Junkies need our non stop fix!


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