Do Kanye West and Kylie Jenner make Coachella Classy or Cred?

Actually neither the corporates have beat everybody else to it and sanitized everything, (Side Note Coachella is of course bloody amazing when you’ve got the free AAA pass hell yes it’s the best weekend out ever ha ha ha)….as festivals go it’s really about as Rock n Roll as stuffing your mouth with Candy floss/’s more a Veggie Burger and can I pay by Amex than anything that’s going to change the face of the summer..the line up is politically correct Nieces and Nephews of the Oscar committee choose who’s on….with Kanye renting out his mouth to moan about something or other, and Kylie getting the chance to do some Ratchet selfies and her big sister to show off her Taylor Swift at a awards show dance moves… (And yes I’d take a Taylor Swift concert over day 1 line up at Coachella anytime)…Lollapalooza must be thinking!!!! and we gave you a head start…having said that have you seen how fast Kanye can run????? watch this.


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