Kobe Bryant Retires – Do I care Enough?

Growing up I detested and hated Basketball, as for reasons best known to the tyrant posing as a Sports teacher (Sorry that doesn’t sound harsh enough) he hated football/Soccer/Tennis basically any sport involving a ball that wasn’t a Basketball. So naturally we rebelled and totally ignored everything to do with Basketball…..and that was the way until Mr Jordan made some nice Sneakers and The Mamba arrived. Suddenly in London we had somebody we could connect and relate to…not sure why but we did…Kobe Bryant…he made us want a Lakers Jersey, Lakers Hat and even shoot some hoops…oh yeah and sit court side next to Jack…he became to non NBA followers…. Basketball …simple as that. Kobe Bryant is a name known in any country worshipped by Sports stars, film stars and Judging by the Tweets 99% of Twitter….I can look on Google for all the facts and gossip about Kobe, but for now i’m happy that I can use the hashtag #MambaDay and enjoy this the fans eye view of his last game 60 and out..oh watch out for Jay Z, Kanye and Beckham.


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